Sexual Secrets – 7 Ways To Give Her More Pleasure In The Bedroom And Truly Great Sex | Sexuality

In this article you are going to learn sexual secrets that most men will never know. You’ll then be able to use these sexual secrets to give your woman much more pleasure in the bedroom.So if you want to give her truly great sex, get excited as you read on…7 Ways To Give Her More Pleasure In The Bedroom And Truly great sex1. Understand That Sex Is A ‘Mind Game’ For WomenWhat do I mean when I say that sex is a ‘mind game’ for a woman?Well, I mean that it’s as much about MENTAL stimulation as it is physical. In other words — to give your woman great sex, you must stimulate her mind and not just her body.2. Know That She Won’t Always Tell You What She WantsHere’s a massive secret that 99% of men just ‘don’t get’…Women are sexually submissive.What this means is that in the bedroom, during sex — your woman isn’t going to be the dominant one. Quite the opposite in fact… She’s going to let you take control.And that means that she won’t always tell you what she wants. She just wants you to KNOW what she wants.It might sound tricky, but keep reading and it’ll become clearer…3. Make It A Little RoughWomen like it when their men are a little rough in bed.So don’t be afraid to make the sex a little rough — she won’t break and she’s not as fragile as you might think.4. Give Her Naughty, Dirty SexThe truth (that many men are afraid to accept) is that women love naughty, dirty sex.So give her what she wants.The more naughty and dirty you make it — the easier you’ll find it to ‘get her off’ and keep her coming back for more.5. Whisper ‘Bad Things’ In Her EarOf course, I’m referring to talking dirty.Talking dirty is a powerful sex technique that has the power to drive your woman crazy and ‘get her off’ in double quick time.You can’t give your woman great sex unless you start talking dirty. Period.6. Mix It UpA lot of my clients tell me that the sex with their woman has become a little stale. In other words, it’s become boring.My advice to them is always simple (and always works):Do something NEW!If you want to give your woman great sex for months and years to come — you’d better take that advice and use it too.7. Make Vaginal Orgasms A Reality For HerFor 80% of women, vaginal orgasms are not their reality. Such women are never truly satisfied and often cheat to try and find a better lover.the most powerful thing you can do to give your woman incredible sex is to give her vaginal orgasms. Give her vaginal orgasms and you’ll blow her mind. Guaranteed.